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Los mejores sitios porno en 2021

XVideos Is It The Best Tube Site in 2021?

XVideos is currently one of the biggest porn sites on the internet, and it offers something for everyone in terms of fulfilling their sexual fantasies. Per the site’s homepage, approximately ten thousand new clips are added daily. It is even hard to imagine the total number of videos currently on the site. 


They claim to have more than 8 million videos

However, there is no way to prove that this number of videos are added to the site every day. The site’s archives contain more than eight million videos, which means that to reach such a number, you must ensure that a lot of videos are added to the site every other day.

Anyway, all you have to know is that xVideos contains millions of porn videos that will ensure you never run out of options whenever you feel like fulfilling your sexual fantasies.  

XVideos Navigation

The site’s homepage contains some of the best clips contained in it. However, if you have a particular type of video that you would like to watch, you will have to use the search feature.

Personally, my best method of finding interesting videos on xVideos is by taking a look at what is contained in the “best of” section.

This section contains some of the best videos according to the niche of your choice.

Videos that qualify to be included in this section are those that viewers deem hall of fame-worthy, and you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed when you visit this section. 

Another great feature to look out for is the feature that shows the current trends in your country. In this area, you will get the opportunity of catching up with the latest porn videos involving sex tapes, leaked nudes among other videos. 

Types of Videos on xVideos

One thing you can be sure about this site is that you will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of videos it contains, and you may even be spoilt for choice.

What niches are on Xvideos?

There are also various niches that you can select your favorite videos, and some of them include big asses, blondes, big tits, squirting, stockings, gangbangs, gapes, shemales, MILFs, creampies, lesbians, POV, fisting, bisexual, among others. 


With such a wide range of niches, you might find yourself not knowing where to start. However, there is a way that can make things easier for you. The best way to find the best videos on this site is by going through some of the most popular niches.

Does XVideos have a good Hentai section?

They may also act as a guide on what you should consider checking out first. One of the most popular sections seems to be hentai. Despite not being one of the biggest categories on the site, this section contains a wide range of drawn toons such as 3D hentai and lesbian hentai.

If you are a lover of this niche, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed at all.

Does it have good MILF and Mature categories?

Another popular section on this site is the “mature babes” section. You will also notice that a lot of milf videos on the site seem to get a lot of airplay compared to the other videos.

XVideos contains more than 100,000 videos that feature mature women getting their hot pussies fucked, and you can get almost any video of some of the most popular milfs out there.

Some of the famous names you might encounter include Dolly Fox, Deauxma, Brandy love, among others. 

Great Amateur section

There are also a lot of exciting amateur videos on this site that users can’t seem to get enough of. The satisfaction you will get by looking at some of these homemade porn videos is unmatched.

You will also not run out of options when it comes to amateur videos as the site is packed with more than three hundred thousand amateur videos.

Does xVideos Contain Gay Content? 

If you are into gay stuff, you will be happy to note that xVideos, is also not short of gay videos. This site does not just have a category for gay porn, but it has a mini-site that is dedicated to this niche.

Before you visit this section, ensure that you have a real interest in the stuff because once you open the section, all you will see is guy-to-guy action. No other type of content is posted here. 

If you take a look at this section, you will realize the kind of dedication and thought that has gone into developing it.

You will get other categories within the gay section that include massages, blowjobs, jocks, muscular dudes, bareback sex, among others. In case you thought you have seen it all, wait until you check out the gay homeless and the gay prison sections. 

Length and Quality of Videos

The quality of videos on this site varies depending on the quality it was uploaded in. you will find some videos in HD quality and some in lower quality.

The average length of the videos is approximately ten minutes, and some of them can go up to two hours. However, you are also likely to get videos in shorter lengths of two or three minutes. 

Lots Of HD content

When it comes to the overall quality of the videos, I noticed that most of the clips look decent. A lot of them are available in 720p. However, the amateur section seems to contain some videos in 360p.

If you are looking for the best quality of videos, it is advisable that you pick some from the homepage as it seems to contain stunning HD clips.

Can I Watch Videos on xVideos Without Registering an Account?

Users have the chance of signing up on this site in order to enjoy some additional features such as the ability to save videos for future access, and also being able to download scenes to your device.

Free accounts

The best thing is that registering an account on this site is free. Therefore, if there are videos that you seem to love and can’t get enough of, you have every reason to register an account and get the chance to download these videos and save them locally.

You will need an account to upload

Also, in case you want to upload some content to the site, you will be required to have an account. However, if you do not want to register, then there is no need to worry because you will still be able to enjoy the free videos on the site. 

What is Xvideos Red?

xVideos also contains some perks and better experiences in case you wish to take your experience to the next level. In such a case, it will be better if you tried out xVideos Red.

This is the site’s premium version, and it assures users of a great experience that is free of ads. You will also be able to access more videos in HD quality.

Can I get a free trial?

However, if you are not sure of what to expect with the premium version, you can opt for the 7 days free trial period to decide whether it is worth it or not.

The monthly charge for a premium account on this site is $10. This will be charged after the end of your free trial period. 


Overall, xVideos is one of the best tubes I have come across on the internet. When it comes to the number of videos contained on the site, there are a few other tubes that can match it.

You will also get an excellent balance of professional porn and amateur videos. However, the overall video quality could be better. 

xVideos Pros

  • Fewer ads
  • Thousands of new videos are uploaded daily

xVideos Cons

  • To download videos, users are required to have an account. 
  • Most videos are non-HD.