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TubeGalore- What is this website?

If you are a porn enthusiast, then you have most likely come across the term TubeGalore before. A wise man can tell you that to be successful, you need to leverage the work of other people.

Let’s take Amazon as an example.  This is the number one place that most people check when they want to buy a product or service.

However, Amazon doesn’t make these products or services themselves.  It is just a platform where you purchase stuff made by other companies.

TubeGalore is no different from amazon. This is a site that posts porn videos hosted by other sites.  The site does not host any of the content they show. What it does is link you to porn sites where the videos are hosted.

You might be browsing through the videos at TubeGalore and find something attractive.  But the moment you click on this video, you find yourself on a completely different site.

This makes the site a perfect place to enjoy a large variety of videos from different sources.  There is however the negative side of this.

It is always annoying to log in to a different website when you want to watch something to make you cum. This means opening lots of tabs making it confusing at times.

That aside, TubeGalore is doing a great job with the content they are posting.

TubeGalore serves its purpose

In general, the website looks a bit old fashioned. But this does not hinder the site from doing the work. The graphics are basic but clean. The layout does not include any fancy tricks that you are used to seeing in modern websites.  I personally love this no-bullshit approach.

Once you log in at TubeGalore, there is a wide range of categories that you can choose from. You have an option of choosing whatever you want to see from these categories.

Is TubeGalore easy To Search?

But if you need something more specific, feel free to use the search bar.  The first category that appeared on my list was ‘mom’, which was kind of interesting to me.

On the homepage, you won’t find any featured videos. This means that you have to choose a category to view any videos on the site.  Besides the categories option, there are also other links for;

  • Popular videos
  • New videos
  • Pornstars and
  • Top-rated videos

The site is part of a network.  So they also have links to their affiliate websites.

Even though the videos come from different websites, the site still shows us where these videos originate from. This is important for users who don’t want any form of spyware in their computer while trying to cum( that makes all of us).

Lucky enough, most of these videos come from verified websites. These are sites like RedTube, PornHub, and others.

Does TubeGalore have a mobile version?

TubeGalore also has a  mobile version which works pretty well.  Its appearance is similar to the desktop site. Believe me, you won’t have any challenges jerking off to some videos using your phone.  But again, the whole experience will depend on the host site of the videos you are watching.

A large selection of videos

TubeGalore has everything you would want to see on a porn site. I know you are used to watching the basic options like teens, big tits, Asians, and the rest. But TubeGalore has extra interesting topics that you can consider watching.

Examples of these topics include;

  • Indian hot mum
  • Aged Arab
  • 9 months pregnant
  • 10 plus inch cock among others

There are so many categories to explore at the site.  Regardless of what your preferences are, it is easy to find something that can turn you on.  The impressive number of categories also makes the site attractive.

There isn’t a lot to say about the content at TubeGalore.  Just know that the large collection of videos available at the site is hard to find on any other porn website.

Like Thumbzilla, TubeGalore has a program that scans porn sites for new video updates.  If TubeGalore was a human, I am sure he would be jerking to these videos 24/7/365.

It is worth knowing that TubeGalore only features porn videos.  The site does not have forums, pictures, or cams.  If you want any of these, consider checking on the affiliate websites.

What is unique about TubeGalore

I love what TubeGalore has to offer. The site does its best to ensure that users get exactly what they are looking for.

See, running this website is easier considering that they don’t host any of the videos they show. This is probably the reason why you won’t find any annoying ads and other bullshit at TubeGalore.

After all,  it is easier to go directly to the host website and view the actual videos. The fact that the site does not have any ads makes it even more interesting.

Does TubeGalore have many adverts?

The only ads you can see on the site are links to affiliate sites.  In my opinion, this isn’t something to complain about.  But as we already said, all the videos at TubeGalore are hosted on different websites. So you are still likely to find ads on these sites.

I will continue to talk about the crazy amount of content offered at TubeGalore. It is fun to browse through different categories here.  And there is also interesting stuff like 3D porn and VR porn.

The website also features young pussies of girls between the ages of 18 and 25.  These young pussies are further organized by race. This is very important for a guy like me.  After all,  you can never find me watching older women’s pussies at a porn site.

Is TubeGalore Safe?

I should also state again that TubeGalore indicates where their videos originate from. So you won’t have to worry about any viruses on your computer when watching videos on the website. Besides,  most of the sites where these videos come from appear to be genuine.

What I didn’t like about TubeGalore

First of all, TubeGalore doesn’t own any of the videos. Yes,  the site has tried to ensure that there are no ads and other bullshit. But it would still be better to go to the actual site and view those videos.

Watching videos at TubeGalore involves multiple steps. First, you have to visit the site, TubeGalore. And when watching a video, you have to deal with a new website with new colors and a new theme, etc. This can actually be annoying for porn lovers.

Besides, the host sites have plenty of adverts. So as much as TubeGalore doesn’t feature any ads, it doesn’t mean that you will view those videos in peace.

It all depends on the host site. And I know that you are pissed with these ads as much as I do.

Which outlinks are on TubeGalore?

Yes, most of the videos you watch and TubeGalore come from reputable sites like RedTube, pornhub, xHamster, and others. These websites do not feature a lot of ads.

But again, these are also videos from websites like SkyCock.  This site is annoying not only because of the ads but also its general performance.

In short, TubeGalore doesn’t have any ads.  No one would visit the site if ads were featured. I don’t think there is anyone in this world who would want to deal with double ads when watching porn videos.  It is like you are being taxed twice.

A good foundation

TubeGalore is an amazing porn site. Still, the creators of this site should consider improving on other areas and even add some details to the site. For instance, here are my recommendations;

  • The site should have a specific section for posting videos of their own.  I  love how the site is.  But it can even be better if they had their videos that I could stream every time I need to jerk off.  This will also help to build its brand.
  • The creators should also consider showing other types of porn or even creating a community. Users should be able to interact by leaving ratings and comments on the videos.  The site currently has a most popular category that helps you see what other users are watching.  But the rating system will also give users a better idea of which types of videos to go for.
  • Their video previews also need to be worked on. Currently, all you get is a small screenshot of the video.  How can you even tell whether you can jerk off to that? Most porn sites these days show a preview video in the thumbnail. I think TubeGalore should also follow the same path.
  • Lastly, TubeGalore is one site where a chick can look stunning on the preview.  But when you decide to watch the actual video, things are quite different. I hate being deceived.

In summary

If you are looking for new content to jerk off to,  then consider TubeGalore. Some people misspell this word as ‘tubesgalore’, ‘tubes galore’ or ‘tubeglore’. Here, you are free to view a wide range of content that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.

The only downside is that you have to open a new tab every time you want to watch a new video.  Opening a new page every now and then can be annoying. But still, TubeGalore has managed to make the process easy for everyone.

What I liked

  • No annoying ads
  • Fast navigation
  • A large variety of videos

What I disliked

  • Does not host any videos
  • Annoying to go to the host site
  • The video preview is just a screenshot